TGI GROUP INC was founded in 1994 by Paul Fontaine initially to meet the needs of clients with Quality Assurance challenges. Focusing on manufacturing related quality issues we continue to be focused on “operations” and spend our time on the factory floor, not the conference room.

Today TGI is a highly focused Operational Performance and Risk Management consulting firm dedicated to helping companies mitigate and manage operational supply chain risks.

Staff of professionals with extensive experience in various industries we have the ability to scale to support larger engagements through our extensively developed resource network. We have a 23 year history working with OEMs and suppliers.

Worldwide engagements with: Automotive, Aerospace, Heavy Truck, Bus, Construction and Agricultural Equipment, Food and Beverage and Defense related manufacturing.

Working  offices in USA, Canada, and Mexico. TGI has worked all over the world and is able to setup temporary Field Offices wherever needed.